We are creating a sense of community by empowering the people of Haiti to better their lives and strengthen their relationships with one another.​

Our primary focus is the support for the children of Haiti. This is a crucial area of need and we are seeking to meet that need with after school programs which put young children on a path for success in life.​



We are a faith based organization and believe in the importance of church and leading a life through Christ. We encourage the people of Haiti to live their lives through Christ and to make decisions as people of God.​


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Our programs rely on funds from donors.  All donations and sponsorships support supplies, needs, and costs needed to provide programs and essentials for daily life needed by the people of Haiti.


Rebuilding Haiti is always in need of additional volunteers who want to visit Haiti and work directly with the people in need. Please visit our Mission page for more information on these trips.


Interested in helping Rebuilding Haiti but don't know how?  Email us at and learn more how to get involved.


Rebuilding Haiti is constantly looking for new opportunities to raise awareness about the need for support in Haiti and to present the wonderful things our organization is doing to support Haitians.  Contact us if you have ideas for fundraising or would like us to present at your event.


Rebuilding Haiti is a non-profit organization that aims to give back to the people of Haiti by not only helping them but empowering them to better themselves.  What initially began as a call to help after Hurricane Matthew, Rebuilding Haiti has evolved from rebuilding roofs and caring for the medical needs of the people to creating a community of Christ.  By establishing a church that welcomes citizens from the town of Despas, it has striven to empower the people by teaching them how to love, resolve conflict, and work together.  The primary focus of Rebuilding Haiti moving forward focuses on the children of Despas.  Programs built by the organization provide them with mentors, basic needs, education, and a path that will lead them to Christ and how to make positive decisions that will ultimately lead them to live better lives.  Donations and sponsorships are greatly needed to sustain programs for the church and to continue to create opportunities for the children to grow and learn.


Email us with any questions at