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Rebuilding Haiti is a non-profit organization that aims to give back to the people of Haiti by not only helping them but empowering them to better themselves.  What initially began as a call to help after Hurricane Matthew, Rebuilding Haiti has evolved from rebuilding roofs and caring for the medical needs of the people to creating a community of Christ.  By establishing a church that welcomes citizens from the town of Despas, it has striven to empower the people by teaching them how to love, resolve conflict, and work together. The primary focus of Rebuilding Haiti moving forward focuses on the children of Despas.  Programs built by the organization provide them with mentors, basic needs, education, and a path that will lead them to Christ and how to make positive decisions that will ultimately lead them to live better lives. Donations and sponsorships are greatly needed to sustain programs for the church and to continue to create opportunities for the children to grow and learn.


Our long-term mission has always been to help facilitate an environment where Haitians are empowered to create valuable and successful decisions in life that affect their businesses, relationships, and every day interactions with one another.  Our hope is that they begin to rely less on our help and can eventually self-sustain and last on their own. Until then, Rebuilding Haiti plans to partner with the community in Despas to provide spiritual, relational, and economic sustainability in Haiti, one community at a time.  Our primary focus remains with the children of Despas. By bringing the children and their families to Christ, we hope to create life-long learners and Disciples of Christ that will strengthen the future of Haiti by developing strong leaders in its children.



​Hurricane Relief and Call to Christ

When Rebuilding Haiti was first created, the towns and people in Haiti were struggling with the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Our work began in home repair, focusing on damage caused by the storm. We worked together with the people of Haiti to rebuild roofs, acquire food, and access medical care.  

However, when the people of Banllieu, in Despas, gave their lives to Christ and started a community of believers, God made it clear that to truly identify need and opportunity within a country; we must first be committed to serving it, one community at a time.  After fostering a sustainable spiritual community in Banllieu, we wanted to steward the resources that the Lord had given to grow the community relationally and economically as well. After earning the community's deep trust and learning more about the individuals within it, we began to identify entrepreneurial opportunities for them, particularly in the realm of agriculture.


Additionally, Rebuilding Haiti focused on training Godly leaders and fishers of men, inviting pastors and other Christian leaders to come and teach. We worked closely with the elders of the community, connecting them with other Christian men and women to mentor and hold accountable. These leaders became the initiators of truth and justice in this village.  Rebuilding Haiti also sought to teach the community how to love one another in Christ, share their knowledge and experiences, resolve conflict, and collaborate. By helping them create a repository of shared information they can keep and access at any time to help prevent crisis and build commonality and cooperation among themselves.


Making the Children the New Focus of Our Mission

After creating this foundation, Rebuilding Haiti found a new purpose in serving and helping the children.  By making them the focus of our support, we not only help them find a new life through Christ but provide them with the foundation of knowledge, love, and skills needed to be successful citizens throughout the rest of their lives.

Rebuilding Haiti has designed a variety of programs that allow families to introduce their children to the Christ.  After school and mentor programs are designed to empower the children to lead lives through Christ and to instill values of kindness and good that will guide them for the rest of their lives.  Donations and sponsorship have allowed us to provide necessary medical care, school supplies, curriculum, and other gifts that are needed but also allow the children to feel the love and community of Christ that is shared from across the world.

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