Ralf Etienne is a survivor of the earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010. As a result of the earthquake, he lost his left leg, and at that point he realized that his life needed to have a different purpose: serving people and bringing glory to God. With the help of a very generous orthopedic surgeon who had come to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, he made it to the United States and enrolled at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana, where he studied Economics, Management, Globalization and Pre-Medicine.

With the support of generous friends throughout the United States who believed that he could have a huge positive impact on Haiti, he had returned to Haiti countless times for humanitarian trips and to participate in research in order to establish institutions and programs to improve the quality of life of his people. Since then, he has graduated from college and has returned to Haiti with a passion to drive those institutions and programs forward and rebuild his beautiful country.


Ralf Etienne, Found of Rebuilding Haiti

Hear more about the President of Rebuilding Haiti, Ralf Etienne, in a presentation he made at Taylor University in Indiana (February 2019).  His story is inspiring and lays the foundation for the belief in making a difference that transpires through all actions made by Rebuilding Haiti.