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Are you interested in getting more involved with Rebuilding Haiti?  If so, please email us at  We are always in need of additional help.  Just shoot us a quick email explain why you want to be involved with Rebuilding Haiti and what skills areas you could help with or what areas of volunteering interest you the most. We look forward to hearing from you!


Are you good with words?  Maybe you could help design new information materials for print or social media?  We are always looking to share Rebuilding Haiti with others and encourage new ideas.


Are you good with numbers?  Do you have ideas for fundraising or ways to promote the needs of Rebuilding Haiti?  Contact us!


We are currently seeking student and community ambassadors to serve as a liaison for Rebuilding Haiti at your school or organization.  Contact us for more information.

community engagement

Are you well connected on at your school, campus, church, or organization?  Help us spread the word of Haiti both in person and online.  We would love to work with you!


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