our mission

We are a U.S.-based non-profit organization working on the ground in Haiti to empower, evangelize, educate, and promote economic development. We are empowering the people of Haiti to rebuild their homes, start new family farms, and provide for themselves through self-sufficiency.

rebuilding roofs

We have helped almost 350 families put roofs on their homes, and we are hoping to help 650 more. Our costs have stayed low as we provide the materials and empower the homeowners to prepare their homes for the new roofs. 

family farms

We are providing equipment and seed to rebuild over 100 family farms, and we are hoping to help with 1000 more. Also, when we donate a goat to a farmer, one offspring from that goat will be donated to another farmer and so on.

small loans

We have been providing small loans to families so that they can establish the means to provide for themselves.


We are partnering with fishermen by buying them nets and boats and assisting them with long-term budgeting and financial planning.

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