our mission

Currently, our organization is doing everything in our power to help the people of Haiti recover and rebuild in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew. Hundreds of families are relying on us to provide shelter and basic necessities. We are also providing hospitals with supplies and means to help prevent the spread of cholera. We need help from people like you to conquer this devastation and rebuild this country!

our story

Our area, here in Port Salut Haiti, received the heaviest impact from hurricane Matthew. Our town has a population of nearly 20,000. At least 15,000 (3/4) of these people are completely without shelter. Our immediate surrounding area has 130,000 people and 100,000 of them are completely without basic shelter. Mostly living in roofless homes, if their homes were not completely wiped out all together. The vegetable garden that our ministry has been sustaining the last couple months has been destroyed along with half of our church. The newly built bathroom doors have been ripped out and our neighbors, along with church members, lost their homes. Many are gathering on the church campus looking for help and shelter.

news and updates

Week of 10/16: we have been building roofs on over 20 homes in the area that was most affected by the hurricane. One family we have been working with had a tree fall on their home, which killed one of the women living there. This family also lost part of their house and their roof, so every time it rains, the mother and her baby get wet and cannot sleep. By God's grace, we were able to provide the family the supplies needed to build a roof on their beautiful little house, and if it rains tonight, they will already be benefiting from that addition. Stories like these are what keep us working day and night to provide more for those in need.