rebuilding Haiti, one community at a time






our mission

Our long-term mission is to help facilitate an environment where Haitians can create valuable and successful businesses that do not depend on donations. Until then, we need your donations to help us sustain our partnership with the community in Despas and reach our long-term goal of providing spiritual, relational, and economic sustainability in Haiti, one community at a time.


When the people of Banllieu, in Despas, gave their lives to Christ and started a community of believers, God made it clear to us that to truly identify need and opportunity within a country, we must first be committed to serving it, one community at a time. After fostering a sustainable spiritual community in Banllieu, we want to steward the resources that the Lord has given to grow the community relationally and economically as well. After earning the community's deep trust and learning more about the individuals within it, we will begin to identify entrepreneurial opportunities for them, particularly in the realm of agriculture.

spiritual ability

We are training Godly leaders and fishers of men, inviting pastors and other Christian leaders to come and teach. We work closely with the elders of the community, connecting them with other Christian men and women to mentor and hold accountable. These leaders will be the initiators of truth and justice in this village.

relational stability

We are teaching this community how to love one another in Christ, share their knowledge and experiences, resolve conflict, and collaborate. We are also helping them create a repository of shared information they can keep and access at any time to help prevent crisis and build commonality and cooperation among themselves.

economic sustainability

After the community has spiritual and relational stability, they will be ready for economic sustainability. Our role will be to provide low interest credit to those who are not traditionally creditworthy, which will allow individuals to build businesses and farms, providing sustainable hope for generations to come.